If you already have signs of aging, you can expect to look younger once you have completed your recommended program.  Some respond better than others, but everyone gets age defying results.  Factors that compliment your progress include a healthier diet, drinking plenty of clean water daily, avoiding overexposure to UV rays, and exercising regularly.  Our technology is so effective that you should see noticeable results on your first 1-hour session.  Changes are gradual rather than drastic, and look more natural than other non-surgical cosmetic procedures.  Click on the Photo Gallery tab to the left to view the results of actual clients.

Natural Facelift Results :

*Diminishing/eliminating fine lines
*Hydrating and revitalizing the skin
*Improving blood circulation
*Improving lymphatic drainage
*Visibly firms/contours drooping skin
*Tightens sagging jowls/double chins
*Clears up or reduces acne
*Reduces the appearance of cellulite
*Reduces dark circles/eye puffiness

Stomach, Arms, & Hands Results :

*Body shaping and toning

*Tightening of loose skin
*Reduces streatch marks
*Improved muscle strength
*As much as 1.5" loss first treatment
*Smaller waists
*Younger and more hydrated hands

Leg & Buttocks Results :

*Overall fat and cellulite reduced
*Lifting and toning buttocks
*Improved blood flow
Increased lymphatic drainage
*No bruising
*Spider vein reduction
*Appropriate for any age
*Results from first treatment

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